Equitable Access to Support the Success of Those in Marginalized Communities

There are many cultural oppressions that have systemically prevented individuals from their inherent right to seek access to care and information to support their recoveries. While many people are affected, this oppression in healthcare disproportionately impacts the BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, low SES and disabled communities in particular.

We are dedicated to creating equitable access to care and resources for those in oppressed communities seeking recovery from their eating disorder. We actively listen to the experiences of anyone who places their trust in us when seeking help. We will continue to educate ourselves on the ongoing systemic oppressions creating barriers to these communities and do what we can to lessen these barriers.

We know that there are many factors that contribute to systemic racism and inequity. In order to reduce barriers, we offer a special discount for people in the BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ and low SES communities. Please reach out to us at community@medainc.org when signing up for one of our programs receive a special code for your discount.

NOTE: We understand that in order to request this code, some people will be disclosing sensitive information. Any information shared with MEDA is held in complete confidence. We will treat your information with the strictest of confidence and respect.